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Tenda N60

Price per Unit (piece): $104.93

Tenda N60 Wireless N600 Concurrent Dual-band Gigabit Router

What it Does

The Tenda N60 Concurrent Dual Band Wireless N600 Gigabit Router accommodates users looking for extreme wireless performance. Providing a combined wireless speed of up to 600Mbps (300+300) on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, it is designed to meet needs of demanding applications, such as large file transfers, streaming HD video and multiplayer gaming. Simultaneous Dual band technology avoids interference and ensures top speeds and the greatest range, while Gigabit connectivity offers ultra-fast wired connections. In addition, the N60 provides premium features like USB sharing and printing and QoS. Delivering incredible wireless performance, network security, and coverage, the N60 is ideal for networking in large home and office.

Main Features

  • Simultaneous Dual-Band N (2.4 & 5 GHz) doubles your network bandwidth
  • Maximum wireless speed up to 300 + 300 Mbps
  • Up to 2000Mbps wired speed for best connectivity experience
  • USB port for shared storage and downloading
  • Quick to secure your network by pushing WPS button

Concurrent Dual Band Performance

The N60 runs on 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously, delivering a combined wireless speed of up to 600Mbps. What's more, Dual band technology helps to avoid signal interferences and maximize throughput, ideal for HD video streaming, high speed file transfers and wireless gaming.

Multiple Function USP Port

The N60's built-in USB port allows users to wirelessly access printers or USB mass storage devices from anywhere at home or office. Just plug the USB devices into the N60 and you’ll be ready to use them as though they were connected directly to your PC.

Separate Network for Different Level of Access

The router allows users to create multiple logically separated wireless networks. By creating such virtual networks, your wireless network is protected while allowing visiting guests to access to Internet temporarily.

IPTV Service

Features with IPTV service, the N60 enables you to enjoy online videos on your TV set via a set-top box while surfing Internet and other online activities.

Ultra-Fast Wired Connection

The Router provides Gigabit wired connectivity, which is 10 times faster than conventional Fast Ethernet connections. Ideal for high speed file transfers and streaming HD media.

Powered by Broadcom Technology

Powered by the WiFi technology from leading chipmaker Broadcom, the N60 offers a more reliable and more stable wireless performance than others can do.



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