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High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE TL-WA5210G
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High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE TL-WA5210G

Price per Unit (piece): $62.46

High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE TL-WA5210G

What This Product Does


The TL-WA5210G 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE is dedicated to WISP CPE solution and long distance wireless network solutions. It integrates the functions of a Wireless Access Point, WISP Client, high gain antenna and weatherproof enclosure. It features 12dBi high gain antenna, high output power and high RX sensitivity can significantly extend the transmission range to deliver a more stable wireless connection. Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g, TL-WA5210G creates an wireless network up to 54Mbps, making it great for Internet surfing and files exchange.


Weatherproof Design, Durable Outdoor Solution


The TL-WA5210G is designed to work in harsh outdoor environment. Built with outdoor weatherproof enclosure and high durable of temperature (-30°C~70°C) hardware inside, the AP could work in some place with extreme bad weather conditions. Besides, the built-in 4000V lightning and 15KV ESD protection design would also help you to to prevent storm/lightning surges and ensures reliable operation.



High Power & Receive Sensitivity


Just like a high-volume speaker to make your sound (wireless signal) travel further, the device features high power for higher speeds at further range for long distance applications giving your network the flexibility to go further. Signal degradation when traveling long distances is mitigated using high RX sensitivity meaning that you can get higher speed at further distances, just like a high-sensitivity headset, allowing the AP to detect and receive the weakest signals. These two aspects working together, ensure the signals can go further and bring higher speeds at the same distance than normal ones.


Long Distance Outdoor, Break the limitation of WiFi


The TL-WA5210G features 12dBi dual-polarized antennas which is the key feature to build long distance WiFi connection. With software ACK timeout adjustable by setting the distance between two APs, it allows you to adjust the timeout value up to 15km for outdoor long distance operation, or even 52km with higher gain antenna support.



Multiple Applications, Available in Various Industries


Supports AP Client, Client Router, Bridge, Repeater, AP and Gateway operation modes to enable various wireless applications to give users a more dynamic and comprehensive experience when using their AP. Especially in AP Client Router Mode for WISP CPE, the AP will behave as a client of the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). However, router functions are added between the wireless WAN side and the Ethernet LAN side. Therefore, the WISP subscriber can easily share the WISP connection with only a simple switch.


PoE Supported for More Flexible Deployment


The TL-WA5210G is able to be powered using an Ethernet cable to simultaneously send data and electricity to wherever your AP may be located even up to 200 feet away. This feature multiplies your options allowing you to place the AP in a position that is most convenient to get the best signal possible, such as on the wall or on the ceiling of your office.





  • Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g, wireless speed up to 54Mbps


  • High output transmission power and reception sensitivity optimized


  • 12dBi dual-polarized directional antennas fit for various environments and boost your signal level


  • Weatherproof enclosure and lightning protection terminal integrated


  • Supports WISP Mode


  • Supports Passive Power over Ethernet


  • Support 15kV ESD Protection


  • Support 4000V Lightning Protection


  • Supports AP Client Router, AP Router and AP operation mode


  • Distance Adjustment for long range transmission, up to 50km


  • Supports Antenna Alignment


  • Supports Layer 2 User Isolation


  • Provides throughput monitor indicating the current wireless throughput.


  • Supports Ping Watch Dog


  • Supports Wireless Speed Test


  • Supports SNMP, Remote Management


  • Provides WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK data security


  • Provides external RP-SMA connector for higher gain antenna upgrade









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