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Tenda W522UTL-ANT200PT 20' Pigtail Cable

Terminator DC Blocking
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Terminator DC Blocking

Price per Unit (piece): $0.24

Terminator DC Blocking

The PVFT1 terminator cap should be installed on all unused networking ports (splitters, multi-switches, etc.) to prevent unwanted signals from causing interference.  The PVFT1 will also help to protect the port from water and corrosion damages. The PVFT1 should NOT be used on powered ports if voltage is present. 100 terminators per bag.

These are the product's dimensions

3.00 in. wide x 3.00 in. high x 1.00 in. deep
Volume: 9.00 cubic in.
Weight: 0.65 lbs.

11.00 in. wide x 11.00 in. high x 5.00 in. deep
Volume: 605.00 cubic in.
Weight: 33.65 lbs.
Quantity: 50 ea.


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