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Silicone Dielectric Compound
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Silicone Dielectric Compound

Price per Unit (piece): $13.97

Silicone Dielectric Compound 5.3 Oz

Product Details

  • Silicon dioxide thickened dimethyl polysiloxane based material
  • Smooth, easily spreadable dielectric compound, useful as a protectorant for electrical circuitry
  • Designed for use as a protectorant compund for electronic and electrical apparatus to prevent electrical power from migrating between circuitry
  • Found use on switches, high voltage insulators, battery terminals, meters, electrical connectors, buss bar and many other electrical components
  • Excellent release agent and lubricant for plastics, rubbers and glass
  • Heat stable, chemically inert, water repellent - offers superior protection
  • 5.3 oz. tube

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