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2' Self-Supporting Tripod
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2' Self-Supporting Tripod

Price per Unit (piece): $24.99

Tripod, 2 foot accepts up to 2" OD Pole (pole not included)
Portable or Permanent Tripods for smaller Dishes, WiFi Antennas or Off-air Antennas

Product Details

This tripod tower is very sturdy and has multiple uses. It can be used as support for off-air VHF/UHF antennas and it can be used as support for satellite antennas. The tripod can be permanently bolted to building surfaces or concrete with the proper anchor bolts. The tripod collapses to a bundle that can be stored in a RV or even carried in passenger vehicles. We highly recommend that a sealing material is used under the feet if the tripod is mounted on a roof surface. Tripods are not suggested for Ka satellite antennas.

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